What therapies do I use

Hygienic medicine

Branch of biology and philosophy of life, which emerged in the mid-18th century. All of its promoters and popularizers were great figures in history and many of them were Nobel Prize winners in medicine, such as Hippocrates, the father of medicine.
Isaac Genings saw that the important thing was not so much to treat the disease but to promote health.
As its name indicates, it is having maximum hygiene of our body internally, creating a terrain (body) where balance and life exist.
Hygeia was the Greek goddess of cleansing, healing and healing. Daughter of Asclepius and sister of Panacea
Through self-knowledge (vital and energy management), natural and holistic nutrition and other tools, the different areas that compromise health are addressed, not only of the physical body but also at other levels such as energy, mental, emotional, spiritual, socio-cultural, environmental or environment.
The person is put in contact with their own natural processes, creating the environment and the necessary factors so that they can carry out the processes of cleaning, regeneration and self-healing, taking into account their current vital state and their life history.

Modern Colon hydrotherapy (Colon irrigation)

Colon cleansing or hydrotherapy: Technique developed in 1893 and used in all times and cultures.
It is only for cleaning and emptying. It is not therapeutic or rehabilitative.
What we perform in our center is the: MODERN COLON HYDROTHERAPY, method developed by D. David Granizo Bermejo in 2009 with scientific evidence, it is the most advanced technique in the world for:
- Detoxify
- Stimulate the enteric plexuses.
- Recover motility, peristalsis (intestinal movement) and strengthen the muscles of the intestine so that it can perform its function easily and rehabilitate the walls of the colon.
- Completely clean the intestinal lumen.
Among its main functions.
It consists of deep irrigation of the entire large intestine with purified and filtered water through a cannula that is inserted into the rectum, warm water enters through the irrigation tube and waste comes out through the evacuation tube, without the need to intervene. nor go to the bathroom. It is a completely safe, hygienic technique, where the patient is lying down, relaxed and will not feel any type of pain, noticing a pleasant sensation and organic cleanliness from the first session.
It has no side effects.
It is indicated for people who have intestinal and digestive disorders, especially constipation, for skin problems, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis.
In preparation for a colonoscopy.
Prevention of all types of diseases and for all those people who wish to improve their health in general, enjoy more vitality and physical and mental well-being or who wish to carry out a deep purification and detoxification of their entire body.

Frequent questions:

No, just go to the appointment with a 2-hour fast.

This will depend on what you want to achieve in each case. Normally they range from 2 to 6 sessions, although without knowing you, your current state and your intestinal rhythm. After the first session we will be able to define the most appropriate treatment for you and your needs.


It can be done on consecutive or separate days, once a week, every fifteen days, once a month, every quarter, twice a year (spring and autumn recommended) or once a year.

Although it will depend a lot on each person and their condition, it can last between 20 minutes to 60 minutes.

Natural and holistic diet

This form of integrative eating takes into account the person as a whole (body, mind and spirit) and tries to focus the nutrition process by managing all these aspects, beyond the gesture of eating to satisfy hunger.
The fact that we feed and nourish ourselves in our lives apart from what we eat is the key to having greater energy and better health.
Almost more important than knowing how to eat, is knowing when to stop, fast or reduce intake to facilitate the processes of detoxification, regeneration and, above all, promote cleansing crises of cleansing the body and its symptoms.

Detox-Purifying cure 21+7 days

It is a one-month follow-up, where we will create a plan and objectives depending on the needs of each person. The main tool where we will work is with food, although during the process other aspects of life will possibly also move and modify in parallel, such as: toxic habits (addictions), lifestyle and mental-emotional management.
Purification processes can also be worked on in any area separately.


Man has used massage since ancient times, both instinctively applying the palm of his hand every time he receives a blow or as a first therapy to treat his ailments.
Set of manual therapy techniques with different applications: relaxing, decontracting, anti-cellulite, anti-constipation massage, etc.
Perfect to be aware and connect with our body and lower the mental noise.

Lymphatic drainage

Massage with slow and gentle pressures that is responsible for mobilizing the lymph responsible for promoting the elimination of waste substances that accumulate in the liquid that occupies the space between the cells and our body.
Helps treat edema, venous insufficiency, post-surgical swelling, arthritis, cellulite, skin disorders such as; psoriasis, acne, rosacea, rheumatic, respiratory and digestive disorders among others.

Body and movement

Experiences and emotions become entrenched in our physical body and, if not released, become somatizations (becoming an organic and functional symptom).
Through dancing with free movements, accompanied by different styles of music, you will find a space where you can connect with yourself, with your roots and your four elements.
Give yourself the permission and space to let go, to really be yourself without judgment, to calm your mind, feel your emotions and mobilize all your energy.
There are also dance sessions with different rhythms and dynamics, both individual and group.

and much more...

The terms holistic or integrative: Holos means “whole or whole”. Always referring to an all encompassing approach to the person, the physical, energetic, mental and emotional state that cannot be separated
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